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Updated Iridium PTT Talk Timer – Now with Double the Talk Time!

Iridium is excited to announce a new Iridium Push-to-Talk (PTT) settings update, which provides users double the talk time along with clear and reliable communications throughout the world. Users can now speak for up to 40 seconds while holding the PTT button, an increase of 20 seconds.

How to get the new Talk Timer settings:
* The new Talk Timer release will be available to Iridium customers starting October 15th, 2018
* All new talkgroups are automatically provisioned with the new PTT Talk Timer
* Removing and adding devices from a talkgroup through the PTT Command Center will force the update onto PTT devices
* All devices will automatically be updated by November 10th, 2018

For additional information please contact customer service via phone or email:


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