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  • Monthly subscription through Global Satellite.
  • One time activation fee + Monthly fee (For prices please check with Global Satellite)
  • Convenience of paying later
  • Avail full features of Thuraya phone
  • Roaming on GSM networks and receiving calls.
What you need to know…
  • Subscriptions may require a deposit amount
  • Credit References may be required by the service provider
  • A valid postal address is essential for your bills to be directed

Thuraya Postpaid Pricing

Thuraya Activation Fee $30.00 (includes access for online billing)
Thuraya SatCollect Activation Fee (optional) $30.00 (includes access for online billing)
Monthly recurring fees for voice & data services $28.00
Monthly recurring fees for satCollect local number services (optional) $9.99
Thuraya to Thuraya $0.89 per minute
Thuraya to Band 1 Mobile to PSTN / Cell @ $ 1.49 per minute
Thuraya to Band 2 (rare destinations) Mobile to PSTN / Cell @ $ 4.49 per minute
Thuraya to other satellite systems $9.99
Thuraya SMS mobile originated SMS messaging $0.50

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