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EXCLUSIVELY from Global Satellite

We are pleased to announce our online billing system.

Now you can check every aspect of your Iridium satellite phone account, this system operates in real-time so you will always know the status of your account.

This service is unique to Global Satellite and is an essential tool to both the individual user and to the larger organization requiring constant access to their individual or group account information.

Check bills on-line:

The clean, efficient table data format show all aspects of your bill.

If you have more than one Iridium phone on your account ALL of these can accessed simultaneously - enabling easy account management.

  • Type of call - Iridium to Iridium, Iridium to PSTN, Data (Internet calls), Iridium incoming calls.
  • Number of calls - lists number of calls made in a billing period
  • Call Charges - showing charges for the various services accessed, a useful tool to help budget your account.
  • Monthly Totals
  • Total Airtime used

The latest information:

The Billing system is the gateway to Global Satellite user services. We are constantly working to keep our customers up to date with the latest developments in our services.

Using the billing system you can access various members-only features such as:

  • Software updates: Linked directly to Iridium, this feature allows users to download/upgrade Iridium system software quickly and easily.
  • Billing reports: Simply enter your email address and have your bill automatically sent daily, weekly or monthly.
  • View bills by - Current, Last month, Entire Bill
  • View current rate plan
  • Have a copy of your bill sent to your (or 3 other) email accounts on a daily, weekly or monthly basis
  • Software access area containing the latest Iridium software downloads for all computer operating systems

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