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TracPhone V3-IP

World's Smallest Maritime VSAT Provides Connectivity for Operational Efficiency
At 39 cm (15.5 inches) diameter, TracPhone V3-IP is the world’s smallest maritime VSAT, designed exclusively for the world’s No. 1 maritime VSAT service – mini-VSAT Broadband. Advanced ArcLight® spread spectrum technology enables compact hardware design and outstanding performance — fast download speeds (up to 2 Mbps), reliable Internet and email, and optimized voice communications. Use TracPhone V3-IP to help meet MLC-2006 crew welfare requirements by affordably providing crew access to the Internet.

Integrated CommBox Modem – a Breakthrough Streamlined Belowdecks Unit 
Created for the broadband era and its requirements for onboard networking, TracPhone V3-IP features KVH’s Integrated CommBox Modem (ICM):

• IP-enabled antenna control unit for easy set-up and use
• CommBox Network Manager, for onboard networking, least cost routing, web caching, and more
• ArcLight spread spectrum modem
• Voice over IP (VoIP), Ethernet switch, and Wi-Fi capabilities
• All in one streamlined belowdecks unit, just 2U high

Complete Maritime Communications Solution for Vessels as Small as 30 Ft
The TracPhone V3-IP is the key to mini-VSAT Broadband 2.0, the most complete satellite communications solution for the maritime industry. Optimize the vessel’s operations with fast Internet access, airtime rates as low as $0.49 per MB, and phone calls for only $0.49 per minute worldwide. Also, receive gigabytes of entertainment and operations content every month with IP_MobileCast, without impacting the vessel’s airtime plan.

You can view the coverage Map of the TracPhone V3 and V3-IP Here
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