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New daily data reporting comes to your TracPhone V7-HTS

New App Reporting by Category: KVH Makes It Easy to See Onboard Data Usage

As we all know from personal experience with home Internet connections and cell phones, with increased speed come the opportunity and reasons to increase your data usage. With the launch of KVH’s global HTS mini-VSAT Broadband network, commercial and leisure vessels around the globe have gained access to data connections far faster than were previously available along with a simultaneous unlimited data channel.

While mini-VSAT Broadband subscribers always enjoyed transparency into their overall data use, subscribers to KVH’s HTS mini-VSAT Broadband network now have an unmatched look at exactly how their data is being used with new application category reporting via the myKVH portal and the mini-VSAT Manager suite of tools.

Want to know what days saw the highest data use? No problem.
Wondering what types of applications were driving your data consumption? Now you find out.
Interested in how your data use and applications varied between your high-speed data channel and your unlimited use data channel? Just take a look.

At any time, authorized users may log into mini-VSAT Manager. On their vessel details screen, they can quick and easily:

• View data usage reports for both their high-speed and unlimited use data channels
• View and download data usage reports for the previous full month and the current month
• See data use broken down by major application types, including real-time communications (e.g., Whatsapp or Skype), real-time entertainment (e.g., streaming services like Netflix, YouTube, or Spotify), social networking, web browsing, email, gaming, VPN tunneling, and more
• Drill down into daily details of data use
• Take advantage of easy online help for more information and explanations
• Get access to the crew data allocations resource for pinpoint control of who gets to use data and how much on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis to help manage your onboard use.

We live in a digital world and don’t want to leave our connections behind. Now, thanks to KVH and our HTS mini-VSAT Broadband network, you don’t have to, and you get to know exactly how you’re using those connections.

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