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IsatPhone 2 Firmware Upgrades

We would like to remind you that there are now two models of IsatPhone 2, and to be aware of this when you are updating your firmware.

The original IsatPhone 2 has been available since 2014 and the Isatphone 2 (Model 2.1) was introduced in 2018. Each model uses different firmware versions, USB drivers and software tools.

Please make sure you identify your correct IsatPhone 2 model before downloading and installing new files.

How do I know which model of IsatPhone 2 I have?
*The newer Model 2.1 has its details displayed on the outside of the phone's packaging and on the CE label inside the handset.
*You can also identify which model you have by going to the 'About' menu setting of the handset.

The latest firmware and further guidance for keeping your IsatPhone 2 firmware up to date can be found at:

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