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The Iridium GO!, a compact, rugged and portable device which provides reliable global connections for voice and text communications on smartphones, tablets and computers, will now include the Iridium Short Burst Data (SBD®) service under the standard Iridium SBD plans. Iridium will expand the networking functionality of the Iridium GO! with a soon to be released firmware update that will add an additional interface for SBD. The Iridium Core 9523 Transceiver, which is the heart of the Iridium GO!, is fully capable to support SBD services. Once the Iridium GO!’s firmware is updated with Version 2.1.8, developers can write Applications for Iridium SBD that will operate on iOS and Android devices. The Iridium SBD standard rate plan service will enable the Iridium GO!TM to efficiently send and receive small data packets in short frequent transmissions, which will be billed based on data usage and not airtime minutes. For those Iridium partners who already have both the Iridium GO! service and one or more standard Iridium SBD plans, this functionality will be added automatically. For those Iridium GO! partners who wish to add the standard SBD service to their account, please request this through your channel manager.

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