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Inmarsat launches new flexible FleetBroadband plan portfolio!

FleetBroadband is getting an overhaul with a range of new flexible plans available for activation from next month.
The new plan portfolio available from 1st December 2018 offers:

*A full range of plans available with 1 month commitment
*12 month plans offering more allowance with no price premium
*24 month plans offering even more allowance for a small price premium
*New long term commitment plans with in-built seasonal flexibility

Please note that current FleetBroadband plans* will close to new activations on 31st January 2019, and there will be no price change for existing activations.
For more information on the new plans and pricing, please contact us :
Email: sales@globalsatellite.us
Phone: 954-459-3000
Instagram: @globalsteliite_group

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