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Going Camping ? Don't forget your Satellite Phone , and stay safe!

Camping is always more fun when you’ve got good company. So, grab your friends, pack up your gear, and adventure off into the woods. It’ll be a good time to get away from reality and enjoy each other’s company.

Stay Safe!
Safety while camping is extremely important! First and foremost, let someone know where you’re going and how long you’ll be gone – even if you’re traveling with a group! Once you head out, this will be a great comfort knowing someone expects you back.
You’ll also need to make sure to bring First Aid supplies with you. The basics, like bandages, gauze, aloe vera, pain relievers, and blister relief, can be purchased in basic kits at a drug store. You can also build your own First Aid kit using this guide.

Iridium GO!
Last, don’t forget about staying in touch. While the allure of disconnecting is a huge draw to campers, it is still important to have connectivity for communications (especially if you’ll be gone overnight). With the Iridium GO!, you’ll be able to communicate using voice and text messages in the most remote locations across the global Iridium satellite network. You could also consider other one- or two-way satellite communication devices that transmit your location and can signal for help in an emergency.

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