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Final reminder: closure of IOR MPDS for Fleet 77 and Swift 64 services

This notification provides a final reminder of the imminent closure of the Mobile Packet Data Service (MPDS) in the Inmarsat-3 (I-3) Indian Ocean Region (IOR).

MPDS ceased global availability in April this year as we commenced the service closure in the Atlantic Ocean Region West (AORW), followed by the closures in the Pacific Ocean Region (POR) in June and the Atlantic Ocean Region East (AORE) in October. The final region where MPDS will be closed is IOR - this regional service closure is scheduled for 05 December 2018. After that, MPDS will be completely terminated and no longer supported on Fleet 77 and Swift 64 services.

The End-of-Life (EOL) date for Fleet 77 remains unchanged as 01 December 2020 and for Swift 64 as 31 December 2020.
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