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End Of Life Schedule For Inmarsat Legacy Services

Known end of life schedule for Inmarsat services:

Services terminating December 30, 2014

Inmarsat-M (Land, Marine, Aero)
Inmarsat D+ (Land, Marine)

Services terminating June 30, 2015

Inmarsat mini M (Land)
Inmarsat GAN (Land)

Services terminating December 30, 2016

Inmarsat B (Land, Marine)
Inmarsat mini M (Marine)
Services without termination dates

Fleet-77 Inmarsat have confirmed that they will keep the GMDSS voice distress services open until at least the end of 2020, but recommend that customers would be better on FleetBroadband 500 for data services. No formal End of Life for F77 data services has been announced.


Service accreditation

Fleet Broadband 500 terminals only are expected to receive GMDSS certification toward the end of 2014 (Before Inmarsat-B service is terminated).
FB250 terminals may or may not get certified at a later time.
FB150 likely never will.

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