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Wideye iSavi terminal now compatible with BGAN service

We are pleased to confirm that the Wideye iSavi terminal from AddValue Technologies is now fully compatible with BGAN service on both pre-pay and post-pay plans (except BGAN Link).
In addition to supporting full access to data speeds of up to 384kbps in BGAN mode, the iSavi terminal now supports 32 kbps and 64 kbps streaming services.

This makes it the most lightweight and portable terminal available for BGAN services and the perfect solution for remote access to corporate networks, email and general broadband connectivity.

How to enable an iSavi terminal for BGAN
The terminal must be updated to the latest firmware version, R02.0.0, which can be downloaded here . This firmware upgrade is mandatory for the voice service to work smoothly with the upcoming IsatHub Voice apps releases for:
• Android version 3.7.4 and above
• iOS version 3.7.2 and above

Order the new BGAN 'duo SIM' cards from Gemalto to allow the same SIM chip to be inserted into both a standard slot and the new Micro SIM format of the iSavi.

Easy to set-up
The iSavi is simple to set-up and the service is automatically detected and configured via any SIM card provisioned with IsatHub or our BGAN rate plans.

Easy to use
In BGAN mode, most of the interactions between the user and the iSavi remain unchanged. To set up a streaming service, simply use the web console interface. By making BGAN services compatible with the iSavi you can now offer your customers more choice and flexibility for their remote connectivity needs. If you have any further questions regarding this change, please contact us.

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