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Upcoming Changes to DIRECTV Receivers and Local Channels

DIRECTV is making a range of changes regarding supported receivers and accessibility to local channels. These changes will have an impact on TracVision systems currently in use as well as future systems. This new Sales/Technical bulletin, available on the KVH Partner Portal, provides details on several key areas.
DIRECTV Receiver Changes
DIRECTV is no longer activating standard definition (SD aka MPEG-2 format)-compatible receivers. If your customer currently has older DIRECTV receiver models or utilizes a KVH mobile M10 receiver, that receiver will continue to function. However, if the customer suspends their service or deactivates that receiver, DIRECTV will no longer activate it.

As a result, your customer will need to upgrade to a high-definition (HD aka MPEG-4 format)-compatible receiver to restore their service. This does not mean that they will receive HD service, simply that it is an HD-compatible receiver. The approved HD receivers for use with KVH products are the H24, HR24, and H25 models.
Please see the bulletin for details regarding older TracVision systems that are not compatible with MPEG-4 receivers.
Changes to Local Channels Available via DIRECTV
Local channels are currently broadcast in SD to designated market areas (DMAs) around the country via the Ku-band 101W and 119W satellites. Beginning in the second quarter of 2019, DIRECTV will begin to move local channels for each DMA to one of the DIRECTV Ka-band satellites.

At this time, the only KVH TracVision systems compatible with DIRECTV’s Ka-band satellites are the TracVision HD7 and HD11. If your customer currently has a TracVision TV-series system, RV1, A9, or older antenna and their local channels are converted to Ka-band, they will need to upgrade to a TracVision HD-series system to restore local channel access.
Please note: At this time, we do not have a schedule indicating which DMAs will be converted and when. We will provide updates as additional information becomes available.

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