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YachtSpot WiFi Router

The YachtSpot WiFi Unit is similar in functionality to a Broadband router you would use at the office, or at home.

YachtSpot connects all of the boats on-board laptops, desktops, servers, PDA’s, VOIP phones, mobiles, to the Internet via available marina hotspots.

EASY CREW ACCESS: Just open a web browser, click to scan, select a hotspot and connect.

PERFORMANCE ENHANCEMENTS: To improve performance, particularly in areas where there are slow or “lossy” networks, YachtSpot’s DNS Blaster™ technology is used to query several DNS servers simultaneously resulting in much faster browsing and an almost guaranteed reply to DNS lookups.

ADMINISTRATOR ONLY PAGES: Settings only required during the initial configuration of YachtSpot are hidden and locked behind an additional administrator’s password.

SECURITY: "Yachtspot WiFi, Yachtspot 4G+ WiFi, and the NEW Yachtspot PRO are the ONLY professional WiFi routers for the marine market that offer encryption for your WiFi Internet traffic! Activating the add-on SafeSurf VPN ™ feature allows YachtSpot to fully encrypt your WiFi traffic to our secure VPN servers. SafeSurf VPN ™ is subject to an annual subscription."

CASE AND CONNECTORS: YachtSpot’s diecast aluminum waterproof case is IP67 rated and comes complete with bulkhead fittings.
The YachtSpot WiFi has two connectors, one N Type for the WiFi antenna and one waterproof Ethernet connector.

POWER SUPPLY: An AC to DC auto sensing power supply using Power over Ethernet [PoE].
The power supply requires a standard IEC mains lead (not supplied).


Features WiFi Cellular Data
YachtSpot G2 EMEA Model 802.11 a/b/g/n 2.4GHz & 5GHz N/A
YachtSpot G2 US Model 802.11 b/g on 2.4 GHz N/A
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