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YachtSpot PRO G3 Router

One world – One device !

YachtSpot G3 – for worldwide high speed 4G, 3G and WiFi internet connection anywhere in the world PLUS fixed line and Satellite Links.

The Yachtspot’s connection to the Internet can be shared between all of the boats on-board laptops, desktops, servers, PDA’s, VOIP phones, mobiles, and any other device that can use an Internet connection. GLOBAL 4G COVERAGE INCLUDING THE US AND EUROPE: Yachtspot G3 supports these LTE 4G frequency bands: LTE E-UTRA bands 2100(B1), 1900(B2), 1800(B3), 1700(B4), 850(B5), 2600(B7), 900(B8), 700(B12), 700(B13), 800(B20), 1900(B25), 850(B26), 2300(B30), 2500(B41)

CREW ACCESS: WiFi – Just open a web browser, click to scan, select a hotspot and connect. 4G/3G Mobile network – Just open a web browser, enter the connection details, and connect.

INTEGRATION: YachtSpot PRO G3 can partner with other IP devices such as VSAT and Fleet Broadband, providing integrated support for a range of methods to connect to the Internet, allowing the owner, and crew members, to manage multiple Internet connection devices easily.

PERFORMANCE ENHANCEMENTS: To improve performance, particularly in areas where there are slow or “lossy” networks, YachtSpot’s DNS Blaster™ technology is used to query several DNS servers simultaneously resulting in much faster browsing and an almost guaranteed reply to DNS lookups. DNS Blaster™ works with both Mobile and WiFi technologies.

SECURITY: Yachtspot WiFi, Yachtspot 4G+ WiFi, and the NEW Yachtspot PRO are the ONLY professional WiFi routers for the marine market that offer encryption for your WiFi Internet traffic! Activating the add-on SafeSurf VPN ™ feature allows YachtSpot to fully encrypt your WiFi traffic to our secure VPN servers. SafeSurf VPN ™ is subject to an annual subscription."

ADMINISTRATOR ONLY PAGES: Settings only required during the initial configuration of YachtSpot are hidden and locked behind an additional administrator’s password

CASE AND CONNECTORS: YachtSpot’s diecast aluminum waterproof case is IP67 rated and comes complete with bulkhead fittings.
The Yachtspot G3 PRO has five connectors
• 2 N-Type female connectors for external WiFi and 4G multi-cellular marine antennas
• 2 Waterproof Ethernet connectors
• 1 Waterproof SIM card holder

POWER SUPPLY: An AC to DC auto sensing power supply using Power over Ethernet [PoE]. The power supply requires a standard IEC mains lead (not supplied).
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