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Thuraya XT-DUAL

Delivering GSM and satellite capabilities in a single phone !

Thuraya XT-DUAL is designed for users who travel the world and require a professional phone with connectivity wherever they go. It conveniently uses either GSM or the Thuraya satellite network and cleverly switches between them upon availability. Backed by Thuraya’s powerful satellite network, XT-DUAL provides full walk-and-talk capability and can even be used in a moving vehicle when coupled with a docking unit.

Certified to perform in tough environments
Thuraya XT-DUAL holds an IP64/IK03 ingress protection rating, which means the phone is splash water, dust and shock proof. Polycarbonate materials are used for the outside case and aluminum to shield the inside components.

Satellite internet on-the-go
For convenience, the Thuraya XT-DUAL has a built-in browser and can also be connected to a PC or laptop to use satellite data

Glare resistant display
The advanced glare resistant display of Thuraya XT-DUAL, with its high contrast menu, allows for easy readability in direct sunlight, no matter how bright the conditions.

Supported by a powerful satellite network
Thuraya’s powerful satellite network covers two-thirds of the globe, keeping you connected at all times.


1-Car Charger:
You’ll never find yourself out of power with the XT-DUAL car charger.
2-Spare Travel Charger (with EU/UK/CHN/AUS plugs):
The travel charger connects your phone to a mains socket. The exchangeable plug allows you to charge your phone in most parts of the world.
3-Solar Charger:
When you’re in a remote location and have no access to electricity you’ll still be able to charge your XT-DUAL with our solar charger.
4-Spare USB Data Cables:
With a USB data cable you can connect the Thuraya XT-DUAL to a PC or laptop to access the Internet or to upgrade your XT-DUAL software.
5-Spare Batteries:
An additional battery serves as a backup for the Thuraya XT-DUAL and extends usage time when there is no access to electricity.
6-Indoor Repeaters:
With an Indoor Repeater, you can use the Thuraya XT-DUAL in indoor environments. It comes with external antennas and transmits the Thuraya network signal into the room where satellite coverage is unavailable.
7-Sattrans Vehicle Docking Cradle (SAT-DOCKER):
Ensure hands-free satellite services in vehicles, using an easy-to-install and reliable docker.
8-Sattrans Vehicle Docking Kit (SAT-VDA):Ensures reliable satellite services while on the go, with built-in loudspeaker and microphone for easy hands-free communications.
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