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Thrane & Thrane BGAN Explorer 727

Provides broadband to moving vehicles

Thrane & Thrane Explorer 727 is a high-speed, vehicular broadband terminal. It consists of three fully integrated units – a transceiver, an IP handset and a roof mountable antenna.

Whether you’re engaged in defense, humanitarian operations, live radio or TV broadcasts or telemedicine, you need rapidly deployable communication equipment you can always rely on.

Broadband-on-the-Move: Constantly tracks satellite positions and makes high-speed connectivity and communication possible – even at speeds in excess of 200 km/h.

Mobile communication hub: Place the antenna on the roof of your vehicle to turn it into a complete mobile communication hub. Provides access to the internet and phone networks instantly.

Live streaming - or store-and-forward: Facilitates both live streaming and store-and-forward. Utilize the highest streaming rates available on BGAN with BGAN X-Stream when the terminal is standing still (on-the-pause) - software available September 2011.

Standard IP:Up to 492kbps (send & receive)
Streaming IP:32, 64, 128, 256kbps (send & receive) *
ISDN:64/56kbps **
Voice:2 x 2-wire, RJ-11 phone/fax, 3.1kHz audio
Data Interfaces:4 x Ethernet, 1 x ISDN (RJ-45)

* Inmarsat supports 256kbps streaming at elevations above 45 degrees. Below this elevation, the 128kbps streaming connection is recommended.

** Depending on location. Inmarsat supports ISDN at elevations above 15 degrees.

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Included in the box:

-IP Handset/Cradle Wired
-8Mt Antenna Cable
-5Mt Ethernet Cable
-6Mt 12/24 VDC Power Cable
-Fixed/Rail Mounting Kit
-User/Installation Manual and CD-ROM

Retail Price: $22,605.00Online Price: $20,345.00
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