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Via the use of a customized Firefox Web Browser and a specially designed fast web process, OCENS is able to reduce the time it takes to download typical web images by a factor of up to 10x. Users routinely see a 2 to 3 times improvement in download times when using XWeb. The fast web compression technology reduces typical pictures down to 5% of their original size dramatically reducing download times. In addition to compressing all the images Fast Web also compresses all text streams, removes obnoxious pop-ads, and removes all backgrounds and animations.

Faster download times mean great savings for you.

Key Benefits

Web Content Compression: Without the need for any additional programs to install. Uses Windows internal compression option. Better than 10 times improvement in speed when rendering mostly text based web pages.
Removal of Graphic's Backgrounds: Background images are stripped since the do not provide content and take time to download.
Pop-up Advertising Stripped: Pop up ads are removed aiding in the fast delivery of real content to your web browser.
Ads Removed from Web content: Images containing advertising are stripped from the HTML pages as they download to the web browser again saving bandwidth.
Images are re-sampled and compressed: GIF and JPEG's De-Rez'ed on-the-fly during download resulting in much smaller pages, GMN can reduce the resolution of pictures significantly in order to reduce download times by 90%.
Viewing of Unmodified Pages: In all instances the user can click on the "View unfiltered page" link at the top of every web page to view the original uncompressed image.

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