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OCENS WeatherNet

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WeatherNet provides you with easy, reliable access to thousands of weather and ocean data spanning the globe. It uses enhanced transfer technology to accelerate file downloading to save you time, money. and frustration when using unreliable, or expensive connections such as satellite, cellular, or limited access wifi.

For years, WeatherNet has run under the same business model…$99 per year for service, pay-as-you need content charges, no premium service levels, special or hidden charge plans, no minimum monthly fees, no standby fees.

WeatherNet is the LEAST costly means of delivering the widest and deepest array of weather and ocean data to remote users.

About the Software

WeatherNet is the largest most comprehensive source of weather data in the world. It gives you access to thousands of weather and ocean data products world wide, all available to the user on demand by the push of a button.

Categories include:

Buoy data and graphs
GRIB files for wind, wave, temps, precip., 500mb and more...
from models such as: WW3, GFS, NMG, and others
Ocean data such as currents, high resolution temperatures, plankton concentration, salinity, and more...
Ice charts
Nexrad weather radar
Satellite weather imagery
Text weather reports such as coastal, offshore and highseas
Weather Charts (WeFax), 500mb, surface analysis, wind wave and more...

Some of the sources that WeatherNet pulls data from include:

European MET Office
Jenifer Clark
Chris Parker
Fiji Met
Bermuda Weather Service
The best way to get a handle on all the products is to download and install the software (see download link above) and look around. 20,000 plus is a lot of files to try to list on the web page. :)

How it works

The WeatherNet client allows you to select individual products or group multiplefiles into a Batch that will download together. Once you have selected your files you just click the download button. WeatherNet will connect to the server via what ever method you have available, request your selected weather and/or ocean products, download your requested weather products and immediately close the connection. WeatherNet will then launch your weather viewer, such as OCENS GRIB Explorer or MetMappe softwarer, and display the newly downloaded weather data.

Our servers are continually crawling the internet updating the local content store of weather data on a central server. Note that about 1/2 the weather products are generated locally and packaged specifically for WeatherNet.

Here are some of the ways we reduce weather data sizes and save you money.

The WeatherNet server speaks to the client running on your PC with a wireless protocol specifically designed to optimize download transfers of data. Standard internet protocols such as FTP and HTTP are very inefficient when downloading weather over a wireless device such as a satellite phone. Our benchmarks show an increase of 3x when transferring comparable data with WeatherNet vs. FTP over a Globalstar satellite link. A factor of 7x improvement has been observed for HTTP transfers over the same medium.

WeatherNet reduces standard weather images by 2 to 10 times their original size. Ocean temperature charts for example are compressed down to by a factor of 8x. Weather charts are compressed with a factor of 4x going from 32K to 8K for example. Buoy GIF data starts out at about 22K and gets squeezed to 2K for an impressive compression factor of 10x.

All HTML weather content is converted to plain text reducing sizes by a factor of 5. A 10K offshore HTML forecast is reduced to 2K for example.

For certain weather products, such as Buoy data, WeatherNet extracts pertinent material removing non essential extras. Buoy Text goes from 100 lines to 2 lines yielding current observation data and removing all historical readings.

Bottom line... WeatherNet's advanced compression features dramatically reduce the time required to download weather. This savings in time translates directly to savings for you. Our motto is that "it's cheaper to pay for WeatherNet than it is to receive the forecast for free from other sources".
WeatherNet's fee structure is also revolutionary. Users simply activate their account and then pay for the weather they download. Each weather product is priced independently; data costs and estimated air time are computed prior to the download. The amazing thing is that WeatherNet is so efficient that you will pay less using this for pay service than you would downloading this data for free over the internet using conventional methods!

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