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What Is The MCG-108?

The MCG-108 Iridium Satellite PBX is an eight channel satellite system that is the perfect solution for organizations that requires reliable emergency communications.

How It Works?

In a disaster or failure of your regular telephone service, all of the outgoing calls are automatically routed through the MCG-108 Satellite PBX using reliable satellite technology. When a caller picks up the phone, the Satellite PBX will automatically use the first available satellite phone. When everything else fails, you can rely on the MCG-108 Satellite PBX to reliably backup all of your communcations.

Can I Use It As A Primary Phone System?

Yes, the MCG-108 Satellite PBX is a self contained IP PBX. This means it is capable of working independently of any other phone system. You can connect any IP phone directly into the satellite PBX and then receive and make phone calls. You can even setup voicemail, extensions, intelligent call routing, and many other PBX features.

Benefits Over Docking Stations

The MCG-108 has a fully digital interface from the PBX, across Ethernet, directly into the Iridium satellite transceiver
The MCG-108 has a redundant power supplies
The MCG-108 has native rollover capabilities for inbound and outbound calls
The MCG-108 has monitoring software you can run on any computer on the local network to monitor its status, including SIM card status, signal level, and current status
The MCG-108 support remote diagnostics and setup
The MCG-108 uses digital DTMF signaling
The MCG-108 is a full featured PBX platform which can run your own network or backup another PBX
The MCG-108 provides accurate call records based on dialing, ringing, and answered states

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