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The Series 500 is a pressure transmitter suitable for hydrostatic depth measurement which continuously outputs both analogue (4...20mA) and digital (RS485) signals simultaneously. The temperature of the process can also be monitored. The RS485 interface provides a communication link to digital monitoring systems, such as the GWK Tank Gauging System. The transmitter’s parameters, including zero and span, can also be adjusted via the RS485 interface. This transmitter offers a very high accuracy over a wide temperature range, an excellent repeatability and very long term stability. Large numbers of transmitters can be interconnected in a multi-drop configuration to help cut down on cabling. The sensor is isolated from the process by a stainless steel diaphragm and a filling liquid. The electronics are located within the hermetically sealed transmitter housing which gives the Series 500 an excellent resistance to shock and vibration. The electronics is a state-of-the-art signal processing unit fitted with a fast micro-controller allowing the compensation of drift effects due to temperature on the sensor signal, over a wide temperature range with a fast response time. The mounting adaptability of the Series 500 makes it ideally suited for use in tanks of all shapes and sizes onboard ships and in a wide range of industrial applications from water to stringent Chemical processes.
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