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Kymeta KyWay



Kymeta KyWay u7 Ku-band satellite terminals address the need for lightweight, low-pro le, and high-throughput communication systems that out perform any mechanical system xed and on-the-move making connecting nearly any vehicle, vessel, or xed platform easier and more reliable than ever before.

KĀLOTM satellite services from Kymeta can also be bundled with KyWay terminals and purchased in exible, variable usage packages that utilize familiar and easy-to-understand data plans.

Kymeta KyWay satellite terminals deliver an end-to-end, broadband, mobile communications solution.

• Easy – Satellite technician not required for installation, setup, commissioning and provisioning
• Reliable – Solid state electronically-steered antenna, no gimbals, no motors required
• Agile – Fast tracking, on-the-move connectivity supports mobile broadband


• Flat-panel for low-pro le installation options
• Electronic steering for low maintenance and reliable connectivity
• Simple power-on startup and auto-acquisition for easy operation
• Lower power consumption than competitive at panel terminals
• Broad applicability – for vessels and vehicles
• Reliable communications even at high speeds and on rough seas or terrain

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