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Iridium RST-100

Remote Satellite Terminal

The Beam Remote Satellite Terminal provides remote locations with global telecommunications access via the Iridium satellite network. The RST100 presents RJ11 voice and DB9 data sockets to the user, to enable the use of standard telephone equipment.

Multiple Applications

The RST100 is designed for all remote communications applications with mobile or fixed use including, Maritime, Transport, Defence, Emergency Services, Mining, Construction, and Rural Communities.

RJ-11/ PABX / PSTN Emulation

The RST100 emulates the major functions of the Public Telephone service. It provides sockets for the subscriber to connect multiple conventional handsets and answering machines, and allows for a specific dial tone to be configured.

The user operates the connected equipment as though using a standard telephone connection, as the unit is equipped to provide selectable line voltages and currents for ring and service tones, along with off-hook detection.

Intelligent Handset Interface

The RJ-45 Connector enables the use of a Motorola Intelligent handset or an external SIM card reader if required.

Power Supply AC/DC

The RST terminal is supplied with a universal AC power supply. A country specific kettle cord is required. The unit can also be connected to a 11–32V DC power supply.

Terminal Data Services

The RST provides a serial interface for PC connection and two way SMS, giving the user access to the following services.

Dial-Up Data Service

Direct Internet Data
Short Message Service (SMS)
Short Burst Data (Selected Providers)
Intelligent SSAS Interface
The RST100 is capable of supporting the requirements for a Ship Security Alert System (SSAS) through a simple software installation and the purchase of a Beam SSAS interface terminal.


Direct PABX / Standard Phones
Iridium Voice & Data Services
Voice Mail
Crew Calling
Ship Security Alert System
SSAS Capable
Intelligent Interface
Secure SIM Card Enclosure
External SIM Reader (Optional Extra)
Supports Intelligent Handsets
Full Diagnostic LEDs
Remote or Local Master Reset
Local and Remote Configuration
External Ringer available
Low power consumption
Supports Iridium Data Services
Supports Iridium PIN Services
Incorporates Call Logging
Optional In-Vehicle Hands-Free Kit

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Included in the box:

-Fixed Satellite Terminal that supports RJ11 / POTS interface.
-Supports Data & SMS
-9522B LBT
-AC / DC Plug Pack
-Mounting Brackets
-Serial Data cable
-10-32V DC Plug Pack
-110-240V AC plug pack

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