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Iridium GST5500

Easy to Understand. Easier to Use...

Adventurers, meet your new best friend. As its legendary name suggests, GST5500 is a three-part system that will protect you just as the original three-headed dog prevented people from entering the gates of hell. Imagine having the insurance of a three-headed hellhound in your back pocket that protects you on your adventures.
Starting now, you can use your iPhone®, iPod touch®, AndroidTM, or BlackBerry® to send and receive messages from anywhere—and we mean anywhere—on earth. Wherever you go, you will be as reachable as you want to be. You also have the option to receive automated alerts if dangerous conditions exist in your area.
GST5500 gives you peace of mind when you take the road less traveled, because no matter how extreme the locale or circumstance, GST5500 will follow you.

To the end of the earth...and back.

Let's talk about what Iridium GST5500 isn't. Iridium GST5500 is not an EPIRB. Iridium GST5500 is not a PLB. Iridium GST5500 lets you communicate where others can’t. Iridium GST5500 is for the adventurous person who looks forward to taking a leisurely walk to hell, but wants to let everyone at home know that they’re OK.
Maybe hell is a little hotter than expected? Send your friends a message and let them know. Having fun? Send localized weather updates to your Iridium GST5500 in case hell’s about to freeze over.
Some do like it hot after all...

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