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Iridium Active Antenna - AD520-10

The AD520-10 Active Antenna (used with 40 meters RG213U coax cable) is used for marine or land applications. It is an extremely robust antenna designed for use when long and flexible cable runs are required. It provides superior performance with all of the Iridium equipment that requires external mounting in harsh or marine environments.

The radomes are 4 mm GRP/Polyester mix while the base is milled from aluminum and hard anodized providing an attractive green finish that is resilient and resistant to corrosion. The unit is designed for free air mounting and no ground plane is required. The antenna is supplied with a complete mounting bracket and 40 meters of RG213U 10.4 mm diameter coax cable, one meter interconnection lead for Iridium phone to antenna connection and power lead. It is powered via the coax from a 12/24 volt dc supply connected to the break in box.

Package Includes:

  • AD520-10 Active Antenna
  • Vertical or Horizontal Pole Mount (up to 60 mm)
  • Supplied with Stainless U Bolts and Nuts
  • 40 meters of RG213U 10.4 mm diameter coax cable

  • Retail Price: $3,499.00Online Price: $3,149.99