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IP-MobileCast Service

• Superyacht Media Server (Required for all entertainment content)
Your TracPhone V-IP series antenna system feeds movie, TV, and news updates to the Superyacht Media Server around the clock in the background for a flat monthly subscription fee. Plus, the Superyacht Media Server is preloaded to give you onboard access to hundreds of movies, TV episodes, and music tracks from the moment you plug it in. Watch your library grow. Different programming content can be viewed simultaneously on personal devices onboard.

• Superyacht Core Package (Superyacht Media Server required; Package available on V3-IP, V7-IP, and V11-IP)

MOVIElink Compelling new releases, Hollywood blockbusters, favorite classics, provocative indie films, and the international titles you’d expect to see at the Cannes Film Festival. Your library will start with 150 titles and continue to grow monthly as new titles are added.

TVlink We’re living in the new, golden age of TV programming, and IP-MobileCast features the series that critics and viewers are praising. Starting from a base of 750 episodes, your library will continue to grow monthly as new titles are added.

NEWSlink Print An international newsstand at your fingertips, consisting of 60+ national editions in 14+ languages. Breaking news and headlines, technology, sports, business, entertainment and more. The quick and convenient way to catch up over your morning coffee.

MUSIClink Entertain your guests without the bother of editing playlists. We offer 19 different music genres, each with over 24 hours of tracks just in case the party goes on longer than expected. Host a different themed party for every night of your vacation.

• Superyacht Channels (Superyacht Media Server Required; Channels not available for TracPhone V3/V3-IP systems).

NEWSlink TV With 14 national news channels in local languages and 4 international news channels in English, you can follow events both at home and the countries you’re visiting. Updated daily.

SPORTSlink You’re finally on vacation. Why not indulge and follow your favorite sports? Game highlights, analysis, interviews, plays of the week and more. Updated continually, in English, covering global sports.

SPORTSlink Special Event Our first Special Event was the 2014 FIFA World Cup™. We’ll follow it with other major sports events from around the world.
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