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v240M Highlights

* Auto-switching between C- and Ku-band within seconds. Auto-switching between circular and linear polarization when operating in Ku-band

* RF Switch Enabled Modem Mediator Remote Management using Aptus Web. Wi-Fi enabled ACU for local control using Aptus Mobile or PC.

* Gyro-Free Satellite Search Capability without input from a ships compass. Save installation and maintenance time with automated diagnostics and built in Spectrum Analyzer feature.

* Supports extremely high and low elevation angles (-20° to +120°) Dual VSAT Mediator integrates two VSAT antennas to combat onboard blockage zones.

* 3-Year Global Warranty backed by over 300 Intellian Service and Support centers around the world.

v240M Feature background

* Superior Flexibility

* Today’s vessels must operate globally and relocate from one ocean to another without delay. Having flexibility to use different frequency bands or to choose between different satellites within a region or when in port is a compelling advantage.

* The Intellian v240M delivers these advantages with its patented automatic switching between C- and Ku-band service, ensuring reliable connectivity anywhere on the world’s oceans.

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