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Intellian Fleet BroadBand 250

Intellian FB250 enables the opportunity to enter the broadband arena for large commercial vessels providing all the required functionalities for large commercial vessel systems. A low initial investment and per MB pricing of the Inmarsat FleetBroadband service will reduce the communication cost despite the increase in functionality and frequency of use. Users can be confident that the rugged and reliable design engineered for professional use means it will take on any harsh marine environment.

✭ Inmarsat's global broadband I4 satellite coverage
✭ Simultaneous voice and data service
✭ Compact and reliable hardware powered by Thrane & Thrane
✭ IP connection for e-mail, internet, and intranet access including secure VPN
✭ Data rates up to 284 kbps (up to 128 kbps for Streaming IP)
✭ IP Handset interface
✭ Various matching dome solutions to Intellian i-Series (Marine Satellite TV Antenna System)
✭ Competitive & customized Intellian Inmarsat airtime

Retail Price: $12,995.00Online Price: $9,880.00