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IDP 780

The IDP-780 flex terminal is equipped with both IsatData Pro satellite and cellular modems to allow asset owners to locate, communicate and remotely manage their assets anywhere, anytime.

integrated satellite-cellular communication for workforce automation and other intelligent business services.

Continuous coverage for critical information:The IDP-780 provides real-time connectivity extending outside GSM coverage.

Optimizing performance at greater cost efficiencies:With the ability to provide richer information in M2M applications, businesses are able to share more data across diverse operations via emails, electronic forms and workflow documents in real time and at a lower cost.



  • Satellite service for exchanging files, forms, telemetry information and messaging - Two-way satellite IsatData Pro
  • Integrated cellular GPRS service

    Satellite Messaging
  • Maximum from-mobile message - 6,400 bytes
  • Maximum to-mobile message - 10,000 bytes


  • Asset types - People & Mobile
  • Sample Applications - Fleet management, electronic documents, in-cab messaging, logistics

Hardware Features

  • Remote satellite antenna for discreet installation in vehicle

    Peripheral Interfaces
  • Analog, Digital, RS232 Sensor ports to connect to pressure sensors, volumetric meters, or text messaging terminals
  • RS485 interface to connect to Modbus devices
  • CANbus interface to monitor information from the J1939 vehicle data bus  

Other Features

  • Programming tools to quickly customize behavior, geofences and power modes
  • Over-the-air programming capabilities to meet shifting business needs and reduce travel costs.
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