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FB-10 Access Controller

The Access Controller is designed to manage up to 10 different communications systems via a simple Graphical User Interface (GUI) located on a single PC or multiple PC's anywhere on the same network around the vessel.

With an ever increasing range of off-vessel internet connections offering a wide variety of cost/speed benefits, the ability to switch between services has never been more important. With the Livewire Connections Access Controller FB-10 product range you can take control of your WAN connections as well as efficiently managing your LAN traffic.

Whether you run a commercial ship or a luxury yacht, the FB-10 can save you both time and money.

Key Benefits

  • Control up to 10 data services from a simple interface
  • Airtime provider independent, no on-going contracts
  • Spend control alerts to eliminate excessive airtime bills
  • Dynamic Firewall to restrict access per service
  • Access data call records and onboard billing
  • Quality of Service to prioritise bandwidth
  • Bandwidth graphs/logs to monitor your link
  • Improved MAC address reservation
  • Auto-Failover to secondary connection

Key Features

  • Integrated FleetBroadband Support
  • Quality of Service for bandwidth prioritisation
  • Live and historical bandwidth monitoring
  • DHCP with reserved MAC address reservations
  • Remote ‘back door’ access
  • Multi Language Support
  • Automatic Failover and Switch Back

WAN Manager
At the core of the FB-10 is the ability to simply switch between different WAN internet connections and have visibility and control over each connection.

Quality of Service:
To prioritise guests or officers over other users the FB-10 provides QoS to provide minimum % bandwidth for all internet connections.

Bandwidth Monitoring:
Bandwidth usage graphs and logs help highlight how internet resources are being shared between devices.

DHCP with MAC Reservations and IP Lock:
FB-10 includes DHCP server with MAC address reservations and IP to MAC address lock’ feature which prevents users from circumventing firewall rules by changing their IP address.

Spend Control:
To prevent excessive airtime bills the FB-10 has a powerful Spend Control feature to allow the user to set spending limits and alerts for all the communications devices connected to the FB-10.

Dynamic Firewall:
Simply create a Firewall Group and assign connection specific rules to allow or block access by IP addresses, Ports or Protocols. When enabled in the user interface the Firewall will automatically change as services are selected to reflect the specified rules.

DNS Blocking:
can be used to prevent unwanted downloads/windows updates by restricting access to specified domains based on the selected firewall group and service.

User Authentication:
Through the use of user access and authorisation levels you can now ensure only specific people can activate specific services, change the active firewall policy or configure any of the other powerful features contained within the FB-10.

Remote Support (internet connection required)
Installing the Livewire Access Controller FB-10 is not only a great way to manage your data service connections. It also opens up a host of support options. Through its Remote WAN to WAN option a technician can investigate problems you may have on a terminal attached to the Access Controller. For example if your VSAT develops a fault a technician can, with your permission, troubleshoot the modem over a different connection such as your Inmarsat Fleet Broadband service.

Static Routes and Port Forwarding:
The FB-10 offers Port Forwarding on a service specific basis allowing remote monitoring/support of system critical devices from shore. The FB-10 can be configured with Static Routes allowing the use of VLANs which help to reduce network congestion from broadcast traffic.

Auto Failover and Switch-back:
The FB-10 can be configured to automatically switch to a secondary connection if required, and then to resume the primary connection when it becomes available again. (Public IP required).

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