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Beam RST030 TrackALERT with GPS

The Iridium Beam RST030 TrackALERT terminal connects easily and simply to the Beam remote Satellite Terminal and provides the functionality to support an SSAS, Ship Security Alert System, along with tracking and reporting capabilities. The inbuilt GPS engine ensures that accurate reporting of a vessels location can be maintained at all times.

Alert / Monitoring Interface
The Beam RST030 alert and monitoring interface delivers a highly intelligent tracking, and monitoring solution, for all market applications.

This interface also supports the Ship Security Alert System (SSAS) and enables anyone to easily and covertly transmit an emergency distress signal to the ship owner and any nominated Authority.

The Beam / Iridium SSAS solutions incorporating the RST030 with one of the Beam Remote Satellite Terminals, enables full compliance with all SOLAS XI-2/6 mandated SSAS regulations.

SSAS Interface Equipment
The RST030 is easily connected to the Log Port of the Beam Remote Satellite Terminals, on either model, RST100 or RST200.

Intelligent Configuration
The RST030 is configured through the Intelligent processor onboard the RST terminal. This allows customization of various settings, notification addresses, notification types, test configuration, notification intervals, loop configuration and control.

Iridium Network
Using the Iridium Satellite Network provides 100% global coverage for complete peace of mind. By using the Iridium network in conjunction with the SSAS equipment, it enables Voice, Data, SMS, and Crew Calling services to be accessed.

SSAS Priority
Whilst Beam gives you the flexibility to use the Remote Satellite Terminal for other Iridium Services, in the event of an emergency, the Beam RST’s Intelligence will always give Priority to alerts and terminate any active Voice or Data calls in order to transmit the SSAS alert notification.

RST030 Kit Contents
RST030 with Built in GPS, install manual / brackets / connectors, SSAS intelligent software interface, first years software license / maintenance.

Retail Price: $869.00Online Price: $790.00