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M2M Dubai: How technology is changing life in the emirate

Dubai is changing swiftly. With advanced new technologies, a constantly expanding oil industry, and a growing and complex economy, communication has become more important than ever. IoT/M2M offers a major avenue for innovation and economic growth and has the potential to address many of the region’s challenges.
Through these technologies, businesses are able to stay connected, regardless of where they are. In line with the Smart Dubai Plan 2021, the emirate would be ready for mass IoT adoption by 2020.

Getting connected with M2M Dubai.

Though Dubai still has an extremely robust oil and gas industry, diversification of the economy is incredibly important for long-term stability. Within the UAE, many are now looking to Dubai for ways to grow and expand without a reliance on the oil industry. Consequently, Dubai has been growing in areas of commerce, tourism, and more.

These types of expansion absolutely demand the best available technologies, and it's important for the groundwork for these technologies to be laid well in advance of expansion. From oil fields to new construction projects, there are many areas of Dubai that are remote and still in development.
Relying on traditional cellular signals isn't feasible in these locations, as they don't have coverage available. M2M can provide coverage to even the most remote of locations, ensuring the productivity and safety of these new developments. M2M includes communications technologies such as satellite phones, which rely on a broad network of satellites to deliver cellular data and internet data from anywhere in the world.

The M2M Thuraya Tracking and Monitoring (T2M) service in conjunction with the T2M-DUAL terminal. A mobile, dual-mode device for superior machine-to-machine (M2M) communications and remote asset tracking and monitoring, the T2M-DUAL enables the simultaneous collection of data from multiple points including location information, data from external sensors and peripheral devices, and input gathered from vehicle or heavy equipment CANBus.

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