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Billing Notes:
Usage is on a 'per call' basis or a 'per data session' basis
Circuit switched calls are measured based on actual time that the caller is connected
Minimum call duration is 30 seconds for Voice, Circuit switched traffic and for ISDN with Billing increments of 15 seconds
Minimum call duration for streaming is 30 seconds with billing increaments of 5 seconds
IP based charging Unit - Megabytes (1,048,576 Bytes)
Minimum Data Volume on standard IP - 50 Kbytes (each direction)
Billing increment for all Standard IP data sessions will be 10 Kilobytes (10,240 bytes)
For Standard IP services, separate billing events are produced for both the uplink and the downlink volume
A data session starts when the SIM connects to the Bgan network and lasts until it is disconnected
Static IP Address' can be added to all usage plans
Fax, ISDN & streaming can also be added to the usage plans

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