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Cruise industry pushes the boundaries of maritime broadband

Cruise shipping is the main driver and demand-based influencer in the maritime satellite communications sector. Bandwidth demand from just one fleet of cruise ships could equal the requirements for the whole of worldwide merchant shipping.

This is why satellite operators are investing heavily in providing high-throughput connectivity to cruise and other passenger ships. This investment is in satellite constellations for traditional VSAT services, such as C-band and wide beam Ku-band and increasingly to launching satellite networks with Ka-band coverage and high-intensity Ku-band spot beams.

There is a vast difference between which satellite bands can deliver the greater level of bandwidth to a cruise ship providing guests who want to stay connected with a connectivity experience that equals or exceeds what they access on land.

Another challenge is the complexity of the satellite communications antenna required to seamlessly transfer between MEO and GEO satellite coverage. GEO and MEO constellations are a good combination of cruise ship connectivity. “GEO has good geographic coverage, while MEO has low latency, reduced by two-thirds compared with GEO.” Both constellations deliver point-to-point linkage that cloud services, used for uploading and downloading media, require.

Bandwidth requirements on cruise ships fluctuate over ever-widening ranges. Full-throttle broadband is required in peak times when passengers are on board using online applications. However, when cruise ships’ guests are not that active on the service, the crew can access internet services, therefore, vessel bandwidth utilization levels are clearly increasing.

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