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Best satellite phone communication gadgets

If you do a lot of traveling to places where you find yourself "off the grid" regularly, or you are the sort of person who likes to go on adventures and need to be able to stay in touch when off the grid?

Forget the smartphone. What you need is a satellite phone.

OK, a satellite phone might seem a little James Bond -- calling it a "sat phone" adds to the secret agent vibe -- but they are a lot of widespread and accessible than you might think, and there are several options available out there.

Note: A subscription is required to access a satellite network, and prices vary wildly depending on the network you use, what kind of service you need, and how long of a subscription you are taking out. Also note that prices are far higher than for cellular networks, and can reach eye-watering proportions.

Global Satellite USA has many options for you. Just look at some of them.


The smallest Satellite-based tracking device available with many outstanding features (see product sheet attached).

The most advanced tracking system that can literally Track anything anywhere.


Iridium’s most compact handset to date, Iridium Extreme is enhanced with more features than ever.
Compact physical footprint for streamlined portability
Intuitive user interface for out-of-the-box ease of use
Water, shock and dust resistance for unparalleled durability
Enhanced SMS and email messaging capability
Integrated speakerphone
Headset and hands-free capability
Internally stowed antenna
Mini-USB data port


Inmarsat's new-generation handheld satellite phone will keep you connected in the most extreme and remote locations.
A robust handset, unrivaled battery life, excellent voice quality, and the reliability you expect from the world’s leading provider of mobile satellite communications – IsatPhone 2 delivers it all.

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