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AssetLink Global Proud to be Chosen for The Ocean Cleanup Project!!

AssetLink Global LLC announced today that its AssetPack™ rugged satellite GPS tracker is successfully providing satellite tracking data services for The Ocean Cleanup’s “floater system”. The Ocean Cleanup is a precedent-setting non-profit project with a mission to rid the world’s oceans of plastic. Starting with the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, The Ocean Cleanup has deployed a 600-meter long “floater system” which sits on the ocean surface collecting plastic and moving with the natural forces of the wind and the currents. The AssetPack solar-powered two-way satellite tracker is affixed to the system as a critical fallback for geolocation data. The AssetPack solar-powered tracker does not require any cabling, external power, or external antennae, making it ideal for a critical tracking backup should any of the system’s primary satellite communications and data collecting systems fail. Because it is solar powered, it can survive for years without service. The Iridium satellite network provides connectivity even deep in the Pacific Ocean, far from any land, so that the floater system can be located for offloading collected plastic and retrieval. “AssetLink does all that we can to leverage our technology in support of social initiatives such as this one,” said David J. Goldstein, President & CEO of AssetLink. “We work with Universities studying ocean science, track wild animals, and monitor critical wetlands, and now we have the honor of being associated with this groundbreaking private effort to improve the state of our oceans for future generations.” The AssetLink solution leverages an advanced, rugged, solar-powered satellite and cellular tracker and Internet-of-Things (IoT) sensor gateway with a unique connectivity and cloud computing stack to deliver our clients the data they need in the way that they need it. It can be used for two-way geolocation and complex sensor monitoring anywhere on the planet, both to expand humankind’s knowledge of our world and to help the core of our economy – energy, transportation, construction, and agriculture – do more with less. For more information about The Ocean Cleanup, please visit us : www.globalsatellite.us Phone : 954-459-3000 Email : sales@globalsatellite.us

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