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Iridium 9505A (GSA only)

Rugged and a reliable performer, the Iridium 9505A satellite phone is small enough to carry in a backpack, very simple to use, and is connected to the only truly global mobile communications network

How It Works?

The quick access interface with menu-driven commands and graphical display offers straightforward usability. Set-up is fast and easy with 21 language choices for menu prompts and + key international access for simplified dialing with the addition of country code and number.


Industrial-grade design
Data-capable (use your satellite phone to transmit and receive data with an optional adapter)
Field replaceable antenna (accessory sold separately)
Global SMS
Headset/hands-free capability
Simple GSM-style dialing
21 supported menu languages
Up to 30 hours of standby time/3.6 hours of talk time

Battery Life

Provides up to 30 hours of standby time
Provides up to 3.6 hours of talk time

Talk Time Features

Provides up to 30 hours of standby time
Provides up to 3.6 hours of talk time


4 x 16 character illuminated graphic display
User-controlled illuminated display

Calling Features

Call barring
Call forwarding – unconditional, mobile subscriber busy, subscriber not reachable
Clear last digit/clear all digits
Fixed Dialing
International access key sequence (+ key)

Included in the box:

-AC Travel Charger and International Plug
-Rechargeable LI-Ion Battery
-Antenna Adapter
-Portable Auxiliary Antenna
-Auto Accessory Adapter
-Leather Holster
-Hands Free Headset
-User Guide

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